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onlinetrainingPending the release of NVivo 10 in June, 2012, we will be changing our tutorials in line with the new release. Here are just three samples of what is to come when the new version is released.

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Click on the links below to access these tutorials:

NVivo R1 Windows

Importing Library form Zotero, EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero or other Referencing Software

Coding PDFs (Images or Images of Text (Old Academic Publications)

Synchronising Text and Images and Coding Text and Images in Harmony

NVivo 12 Windows

Making Cases and Classifications in NVivo

Managing Nodes with NVivo 12

Importing with NVivo 12

Coding with NVivo 12

Using a Matrix in NVivo 12

Utilising NCapture for Web Content & Social Media

Create Cases from Focus Groups by Speaker ID

Create NVivo Transcripts from Media Files – Windows & MAC

Import Classification Sheet from Excel to NVivo 12 for Windows

Utilising “Sets” in NVivo

Using a Word Frequency Search in NVivo

Importing and Syncing word Transcript to Audio Media in NVivo

Merging NVivo Project Files

Using the Framework Grid in NVivo

Extracting Annotations and Reporting

Using a Compound Query To Gather Annotations and Report

Using a Comparison Diagram in NVivo

NVivo 12 MAC

Managing Nodes with NVivo 12

Importing with NVivo 12

Coding with NVivo 12

Importing Classification Sheet into NVivo for MAC

Import literature from Mendeley to NVivo for MAC

Matrix for MAC

Create Hierarchy Chart in NVivo for MAC

Export your Codebook from NVivo for MAC

Creating a Hierarchy Chart in NVivo for MAC

NVivo 9, 10 & 11:

Tutorial 1 – Importing Sources into NVivo 9

Tutorial 2 – Connecting sources to their demographics

Tutorial 3 – Auto-coding

Tutorial 4 – Coding audio or any media file

Tutorial 5 – Uncoding incorrectly coded content at a node

Tutorial 6 – Transcribing in NVivo

Tutorial 7 – Formatting in Word for Autocoding – Part 1

Tutorial 7 – Formatting in Word for Autocoding – Part 2

Tutorial 8 – Reviewing your coding using the highlighter and coding stripes tools

Tutorial 9 – Auto-coding media files in NVivo 

Tutorial 10 – Customising NVivo Work Space for Coding Video

Tutorial 11 – Backing up your NVivo Project File

Tutorial 12 – Importing from Excel into NVivo (Datasets) and Autocoding

Tutorial 13 – Using a coding strategy

Tutorial 14 – Video Coded Content from Nodes to HTMLTutorial

Tutorial 15 – Learn Basic Coding

Tutorial 16 – Running Text Searches

Tutorial 17 – Using Memo Features in NVivo

Tutorial 18 – Using a Matrix in NVivo

Tutorial 19 – Using the Excel to NVivo Import Wizard (NVivo for Windows – Version 11)

Tutorial 20 – Importing from SurveyMonkey

Tutorial 21 – Importing EndNote to NVivo for Windows

Tutorial 22 – Understanding and Using Relationships in NVivo

NVivo 11 for MAC

Tutorial 16 – Importing from Excel to MAC and Autocoding

Tutorial 17 – Using Coding Stripes in NVivo for MAC (QSR)

Tutorial 18 – Organising your Demographics in NVivo for MAC (QSR)

QSR Videos and Tutorials

NVivo 11 Windows

What’s New in NVivo

Work with Web Pages

Improving Your Literature Review with NVivo for Windows

NVivo 8:

Tutorial 1 – Importing Data (NVivo sources/internals)

Tutorial 2 – Linking NVivo attributes to case nodes

Tutorial 3 – Inter coder reliability testing

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