Introducing Coding Queries on NVivo 12, 2020 (R1) or NVivo 14


In this YouTube tutorial on NVivo, the presenter introduces Coding Queries, a feature that allows users to explore coded content in greater detail. The video demonstrates how to initiate a coding query from the Explorer ribbon, using logic-based criteria to refine the search. By selecting specific codes and cases, users can narrow down results based on attributes such as gender or other classifications. The tutorial emphasizes the precision and depth that coding queries offer compared to basic double-click coding. The presenter illustrates the process step-by-step, showcasing the reduction in results as additional logic is applied, ultimately providing a more detailed exploration of coded content.


  • 🎥 Introduction to Coding Queries in NVivo.
  • 🔄 Double-clicking on a code initiates a basic coding query, revealing content associated with that code.
  • 🧠 Coding queries offer more depth and precision compared to simple double-click coding.
  • 🖱️ Initiating a coding query from the Explorer ribbon involves logic-based criteria.
  • 🎯 Selecting specific codes and cases refines search results.
  • 🔍 Logic options include “Coded to” or “Not Coded to” and various combinations of selected codes and cases.
  • 🚧 Building a query step-by-step to showcase the reduction in results with added logic.
  • 📊 Exploring attributes such as gender for more detailed analysis.
  • 🌐 The tutorial hints at future content, mentioning a revisit to coding queries for sentiment coding.
Key Moments
Introduction to Coding Queries in NVivo00:05
    • Explains basic coding queries in NVivo.
    • Double-clicking on a code initiates a simple query.
    • Different types of references (text, video, data) are shown.
  • Building a Coding Query02:15
    • Demonstrates how to start a coding query.
    • Criteria are based on logic.
    • Shows selecting codes, cases, and adding multiple logic rows.
  • Adding Precision to Coding Queries04:27
    • Explores refining coding queries with additional logic.
    • Example: Filtering results based on gender and other attributes.
    • Emphasizes precision in obtaining detailed query results.
  • Preview of Advanced Coding Query
    • Teases the next video in the series on using sentiment coding.
    • Suggests further exploration of coding queries for sentiment analysis