Introducing Crosstab Queries in NVivo 12, NVivo2020 (R1) or NVivo14


The video introduces the Crosstab Query in NVivo, emphasizing its ability to cross-tabulate four dimensions of data, providing a faster alternative to the matrix coding query. The crosstab query in NVivo allows users to analyze sentiment codes in relation to attributes such as community and age group. The demonstration highlights the process of setting criteria, running the query, and interpreting the results for effective data exploration.


  • 🔄 The Crosstab Query in NVivo allows cross-tabulation of four dimensions, offering faster performance than the matrix coding query.
  • 🧩 Users can choose between crosstabulating codes against attributes or cases, with the option to explore specific files or the entire project.
  • 📊 The query results can be displayed in a transposed format for easier readability.
  • 📚 Interpretation involves careful analysis of the table, considering the number of cases and sentiments expressed in various demographic categories.
  • 🔍 The video demonstrates the utility of the query in exploring text with specific sets of variables, facilitating detailed analysis.
  • 📈 NVivo provides charting options for visualizing query results, allowing users to export and further analyze findings.