🛟Our NVivo one-to-one Post-training Support System

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If you have completed our two day NVivo workshop in full, you now enjoy free and unlimited post training, online, one-to-one support for the life of your first project using NVivo. This support is delivered using a person-to-person, online, user-friendly screen sharing system and participants are not limited by duration or frequency of calls as they incrementally apply the tools, protocols, and concepts learned in the workshops in a real research environment using their live data. We aim to schedule support calls within four working days of request. We deliver support calls during normal working hours, but also every evening up to 10:00 pm and on Saturdays, up to 6:00 pm. You must register for support on our system if you wish to avail of one-to-one support: You can do so at this link: https://qdatraining.com/register Please enter the information carefully, as we rely on this data to look up your details prior to support calls. 

Making sure you are Registered for NVivo one-to-one Post Training Support

If you are currently not registered for support on our system, so that is the first thing you will need to address. You can do so at this link: https://qdatraining.com/register. Once you submit your application for support, your name will be checked against our attendance sheet for whichever event you have attended, These records will be drawn from attendance lists signed in on the day(s) be it an online or in-person training workshop you attended.  Approval for support takes one-working day. You must have attended the event in full to qualify for post-training support.

Once approved, you will be able to access the part of our website that allows you to make a support call request.  You can do so here: https://qdatraining.com/request-nvivo-support-call/  we need the online scheduling system to track and plan resources.  Note* you must be logged into your account on the website to be able to make a support call request. If you cannot remember your login details; you can request help by emailing support@qdatraining.com, and we will send you the requisite details. Please note* we cannot accept support call requests by telephone or email because call requests may become lost, scheduled incorrectly on the calendar or not scheduled at all in error by individual trainers or personal. Therefore, support calls are managed through the central reservation system.

Once you submit a request, you will receive an offer of a support call at the next available day and time slot within the four-day window. If the offered slot does not suit your schedule, you can negotiate back and forth until we arrive at an available slot that works for you (this may not necessarily be within the four-day window). You will need to add the email address ‘support@qdatraining.com‘ to your approved senders list, as all correspondence coming from the website will come via this address. Responses to requests for support calls will also come via this address. Please make sure to check your junk folders if you do not receive a reply within one working day, in case the response ends up in there.

I hope this information is helpful, but do come back to us if you need any further help.