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NVivo Group Workshops – we will come to you!NVivo_Group_Workshop

We can deliver an NVivo training course at the right level in your location anywhere in Europe. The rate for the group workshop is €950 delivered online, or €1,200 in the UK or Ireland and the same rate applies in most of Europe. ALL NVivo TRAINING WORKSHOPS COME WITH POST TRAINING TELEPHONE, E-MAIL, AND REMOTE ACCESS LOG IN SUPPORT FOR ALL PARTICIAPNTS for the life of their first project using NVivo including PhD projects. Click the ‘Contact us‘ link or on the main menu to arrange a local workshop in your location which will customised around your needs.

We are happy to provide direct contact information to clients such as graduate schools who regularly run our workshops. Just ask, and we will forward these contact details. See some general testimonials by clicking here: 

Course outlines for one or two day NVivo courses here:

Day 1 – Introduction to NVivo – building your qualitative database

Day 2 – NVivo underway – analysing your data

Day 3 – NVivo Live – working with live data

NVivo Group workshops delivered anywhere in Europe or the USA for €950 for each day delivered online or €1,200 delivered onsite

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