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If you have a broadband connection, you can have an NVivo expert sit with you as you work. On line training is the most efficient way to learn. There is only so much one can take in during the course of any one or two day workshop. However, taking one or two hour sessions with an NVivo expert maximises your learning and sets the pace, times and training content directly in line with your needs. You can book as little as one hour’s one-to-one direct on-line training.  We would suggest a two hour initial session followed by two one hour sessions. The first session will get you up and running with your project and the other will support you in retrieval and reporting on your data after a few cycles of coding. The online training is delivered one-to-one by means of a very user friendly system where we log on to your computer and work one-to-one with you on your live data.

If you decide to go for this option it would be a good idea to send us some information before the session such as a brief ‘bio’ on your own discipline and experience to date and an overview of the project including information about your chosen methodology, coding plan if you have one, types of data (audio, semi-structured interviews, focus groups, mixed methods questionnaires, field notes & observational data or images as examples) and where you are in the project’s lifecycle. You can enter this information here: In addition, this form will register an account on the website which gives you access to many free resources such as animated screen-cast tutorials and you can post questions and ask for help on the forum ( The training is delivered by a QSR registered trainer right to your computer and is very easy to use. It’s exactly the same as having your trainer sitting beside you as you share the same screen which both trainer and participant can operate and working with your own live data is so much more effective from a learning point of view than working with tutorial data in a group workshop setting.  The costs are €85 per hour . Once you book, we will arrange a suitable time to deliver the first training session. We deliver sessions in the evenings and on Saturdays if this better suits your schedule

 On line training prices are uniform at all locations globally. To book your personalised on-line NVivo training session, simply order using the menu below or fill out the ‘Enquiry Form‘ or use the ‘Contact us’ menu and you are a couple of clicks away from advancing your NVivo skills so as to optimise your qualitative data analyse.

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Note* You will need access to a broadband to avail of this service. Calls to mobiles incur additional charges. Calls to land lines are included in the cost.

Note* Broadband connection needed | all training conducted through English | price includes call to landlines, mobiles or through skype  or other apps

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