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Day 1 – Introduction to NVivo 10 – Setting up your Qualitative Database

For Beginners to Computer Aided Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS)

Click Here for Course Outline (PDF)

Day 1 – Introduction to NVivo – building your qualitative database

Day 2 – NVivo under way – Analysing your data (Intermediate)

For people who have completed day 1 and wish to move to more a more advanced understanding of NVivo’s capabilities.

Click Here for Course Outline (PDF)

Day 2 – NVivo underway – analysing your data

Day 3 – NVivo Live

For researchers who have completed initial training and wish to work on live data in a supported environment

Click here for Course Outline (PDF)

Day 3 – NVivo Live – working with live data

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