This 40 minute webinar delivered to a small team may be helpful for researchers collaborating with others while utilising the power of NVivo:

This video discusses working in teams using NVivo, a research software. The presenter emphasizes the importance of understanding how NVivo handles data and introduces three options for collaboration: Collaboration Server, Collaboration Cloud, and Standalone Project. The presentation also highlights the release of NVivo 14, which allows real-time collaboration without the need for manual file management or a database administrator. The new features simplify teamwork and enhance data security.


  • 💼 Presenter discusses the significance of working in teams using NVivo in research.
  • 🌐 Three collaboration options: Collaboration Server, Collaboration Cloud, and Standalone Project.
  • 📊 Collaboration Server enables multiple users to work on the same file but limits collaboration to the organization’s network.
  • ☁ Collaboration Cloud allows collaboration across institutions and platforms, but file merging is still required.
  • 🚀 NVivo 14 introduces real-time collaboration without manual file management, enhancing teamwork and reducing risks.
  • 🔄 Integration with Satavi is mentioned as a new feature in NVivo 14.
Key Moments
  • Introduction to Working in Teams with NVivo00:00
    • Ben Meehan welcomes viewers to a Lumivero and NVivo Research Network session, highlighting the focus on working in teams and recent innovations.
  • Overview of the Presenter and Network Structure02:10
    • Ben Meehan introduces himself and Stacy, emphasizing their extensive experience in supporting researchers and providing training.
  • Understanding NVivo Data Management FAQs06:17
    • Explains common FAQs about data management, addressing concerns about upgrading software and potential data loss.
  • Options for Collaborative Work in NVivo10:42
    • Explores three collaboration options: Collaboration Server, Collaboration Cloud (pre-NVivo 14), and Standalone Project.
  • Post-NVivo 14: Introducing Collaboration Cloud13:27
    • Discusses the new Collaboration Cloud feature introduced in NVivo 14, enabling cross-institutional collaboration with controlled user access.
  • Working in a Standalone Project Post-NVivo 1416:13
    • Explores the standalone project option in NVivo 14, which allows collaborative work without additional costs but requires manual file management.
  • NVivo 14 Workflow Protocols and Best Practices19:11
    • Highlights the importance of workflow protocols in NVivo 14 to avoid unintentional data duplication and loss during collaborative efforts.
  • Closing Remarks and Offering Project File21:32
    • Ben Meehan concludes the session, emphasizing the need for a database administrator and offering the NVivo 14 project file used in the presentation.