Using NVivo’s built in Reports to Retrieve, Report, Create or Customize Existing NVivo Coding Reports

Using NVivo’s built in Reports to Retrieve and Report on your Coding

Learn how to edit existing reports to customise them or make a completely new custom report in NVivo for Windows.
See previous video above showing how to run reports before learning how to customise existing ones:

The video tutorial demonstrates how to create custom reports in NVivo, allowing users to customize existing reports or create new ones from scratch. It covers the process of designing, filtering, and formatting reports to meet specific research needs.


  • [⚙️] Demonstrates the process of creating custom reports in NVivo, including customization and formatting options.
  • [📊] Explains the importance of filters in reports to select specific data for analysis.
  • [🔍] Shows how to design reports, add fields, apply functions like summing, and customize the layout for a professional output.


NVivo, Custom Reports, Data Analysis

Key Moments
  • Introduction00:06
    • The video introduces the topic of creating custom reports in NVivo, following up on a previous video about running reports.
    • Custom reports allow for customization, importing, and exporting for future projects.
  • Creating a File by Coding Report01:26
    • Demonstrates creating a custom report focusing on files and codes in NVivo.
    • Shows the process of selecting fields, running the report, and including numeric fields for references.
  • Using the Report Wizard03:10
    • Utilizing the report wizard to create a file-based report in NVivo.
    • Explains the importance of filters to specify which files and codes to include in the report.
  • Adding Subtotals and Grand Totals08:43
    • Includes steps to add subtotals and grand totals to the report for a more detailed analysis.
    • Shows how to sum numeric fields and place them within the report design.
  • Finalizing the Custom Report12:23
    • Demonstrates the final steps of customizing and tweaking the report design in NVivo.
    • Discusses the ability to professionalize outputs by adding logos, images, and text for a polished look.

Learn how to create and/or customise reports in NVivo for Windows:
Download the custom report created in this video and import it into your NVivo project to play with it and learn how to add your own customizations to it.:


This video tutorial explains how to run coding reports in NVivo using the built-in reporting tool. The reports allow users to export the coding structure, code content, and apply filters if needed. The reports can be saved as Word documents, PDFs, or other formats, making it easy to share findings with supervisors or colleagues. The tutorial also mentions the possibility of customizing and creating reports using the wizard feature.


  • 💡 Users can export the coding structure easily, including code book, descriptors, and file references.
  • 💡 Code content can be exported into Word documents, including annotations, relationships, and memos.
  • 💡 Reports can be customised and filters can be applied to show specific codes or documents.
  • 💡 The reports can be saved as Word documents, PDFs, or other formats for easy sharing.
  • 💡 The tutorial mentions the possibility of customizing and creating reports using the wizard feat