This is a one-hour webinar offered to the Lumivero NVivo Research Network on how to visualize data in NVivo. The PowerPoint slides used in the video are available at this link: Click here

The video on this page titled “Visualize Your Data with NVivo” is a tutorial that demonstrates how to use NVivo, a qualitative data analysis software, to create visual representations of data. The video starts by introducing the concept of data visualization and the benefits it provides in analysing large datasets.

The tutorial then demonstrates how to import data into NVivo, including text documents, images, audio, and video files. It also explains how to use nodes to categorize the data and assign codes to specific themes or topics.

The video then shows how to create visual representations of the data using NVivo’s query tools, including word clouds, charts, and graphs. It explains how to customize the visualizations by selecting specific nodes or codes and adjusting the display settings.

Finally, the tutorial concludes by highlighting the benefits of data visualization in qualitative data analysis, including identifying patterns and trends in the data, communicating findings to others, and facilitating the analysis process.

Overall, the video provides a clear and concise introduction to using NVivo for data visualization, making it a valuable resource for researchers and students who are looking to enhance their data analysis skills.


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