This is a one-hour webinar offered to the Lumivero NVivo Research Network on how to visualize data in NVivo. The PowerPoint slides used in the video are available at this link: Click here


The YouTube webinar focuses on using visualizations in NVivo, led by certified platinum NVivo trainer Ben Meehan and Enterprise Accounts Director Simon Taylor. The session covers various visual tools, demographic profiling, and explores ways to analyse and present findings using NVivo’s features.


  • [🎙️] Ben Meehan, a certified platinum NVivo trainer with 21 years of experience, conducts a webinar on visualizations in NVivo.
  • [📊] The webinar introduces visual tools for data analysis and presentation within NVivo, emphasizing their utility throughout the research process.
  • [👥] Simon Taylor, Enterprise Accounts Director, assists in moderating the session, addressing questions, and providing insights into licensing and software usability.
  • [📅] The agenda includes three poll questions to gauge participants’ experience with NVivo, visual tools used, and regular use of specific visualization types.
  • [🔍] NVivo supports visualizing various data types, such as interviews, text, media, and more, aiding researchers in gaining insights and presenting findings effectively.
  • [🔄] Visualizations are presented as valuable not only for reporting findings but also for analysis, allowing researchers to discover patterns and insights in their data.
  • [🗂️] The webinar showcases visualizations like coding stripes, hierarchy charts, explore diagrams, and word clouds to illustrate different aspects of data analysis.
  • [📈] Participants with diverse experience levels are engaged in polls, sharing insights on their NVivo usage and preferences for visual tools.
  • [🔄] Ben Meehan demonstrates the use of NVivo’s features, including coding stripes, explore diagrams, and visualizations based on demographic attributes.
  • [🔄] The webinar emphasizes the ease of exporting visualizations to external tools like Excel for further analysis or customization.
  • [💡] Insights derived from visualizations, such as demographic profiling, contribute to a more nuanced understanding of research data, aiding in effective representation.
Key Moments
  • Introduction and Agenda00:16
    • Ben Meehan, a certified NVivo trainer, welcomes participants to a webinar on visualizations in NVivo. He introduces the agenda and the host, Simon Taylor, the Enterprise Accounts Director.
  • Participant Polls04:12
    • Three brief polls are conducted to understand participants’ experience with NVivo, the visual tools they use, and their confidence in using specific visualizations.
  • Coding Stripes for Analysis08:46
    • Ben demonstrates using coding stripes to analyze overlapping codes, providing a visual representation of Barbara’s coding in the thematic area.
  • Grouping Wizard for Data Overview14:45
    • The Grouping Wizard is employed to visualize where Barbara’s codes appear across documents, offering an overview of her thematic involvement.
  • Explore Diagrams for Relationships16:39
    • Explore diagrams showcase the relationships between different codes, providing a visual representation of thematic connections in the data.
  • Hierarchy Charts for Data Sources18:57
    • Hierarchy charts illustrate the distribution of coded data across different sources, revealing the contribution of each source to the thematic discussion.
  • Word Clouds for Textual Analysis23:12
    • Word clouds and tag clouds are utilized to visually represent word frequency in the discussion about community change, offering insights into repetitive language patterns.
  • Conclusion and Export Options26:38
    • Ben concludes the webinar by emphasizing the iterative nature of visualizations in NVivo for both analysis and presentation. He highlights export options for sharing visual insights outside NVivo

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