Learn about NVivo Transcription, an automated transcription assistant for qualitative research. It offers quick, easy, and precise transcription, saving time for data analysis. The tool supports various audio formats, transcribes multiple languages, and provides editing options. In NVivo, the latest version integrates in vivo transcription for seamless use, while earlier versions allow file export. Users can choose pay-as-you-go or annual subscription plans for transcription services.


  • [⚙️] NVivo Transcription automates qualitative research transcription, saving time.
  • [🎙️] Supports various audio formats and transcribes multiple languages with up to 90% accuracy.
  • [🖊️] Transcription editing features include speaker tagging, dictionary customization, and text highlighting.
  • [🔄] In the latest NVivo version, in vivo transcription is embedded for easy use, saving more time.
  • [💳] Flexible payment options: pay-as-you-go credits or annual subscriptions for unlimited transcription.
  • [🌐] Transcribed files can be exported as Word or text files for use in other programs
Key Moments
  • Unlock Time and Freedom with In Vivo Transcription
    • Discover how automated transcription revolutionizes qualitative research.
    • Save time by letting powerful automation handle your transcription needs.
    • Focus on data analysis while In Vivo Transcription takes care of verbatim transcriptions.
  • Effortless Transcription in Action
    • Experience the simplicity of using In Vivo Transcription for various audio formats.
    • Achieve up to 90% accuracy with good quality audio uploads.
    • Transcribe in multiple languages, edit, enrich, and tag speakers effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Editing and Efficiency
    • Explore advanced features like the transcription editor, speaker tagging, and dictionary use.
    • Benefit from text highlighting, shortcuts, and easy imports/export within NVivo.
    • Save time with embedded In Vivo Transcription in the latest NVivo version or export for earlier versions.
  • Flexible Transcription Solutions
    • Learn about pay-as-you-go or annual subscription options for transcription credits.
    • Access unlimited transcription for 12 months with the annual subscription.
    • Try In Vivo Transcription now and get 15 minutes of free transcription credit.