Understanding and Applying Text Searches in NVivo 2020 and Version 14

This video will demonstrate the steps for conducting a text search using  the newer version of NVivo known as ‘NVivo 2020’ but sometimes referred to as version ‘R1’ and Version 14:


The video explains the Text Search Query in NVivo Release 1, demonstrating how to search for specific terms, including stems, across files. It highlights customization options, such as selecting specific items and excluding certain sources. The results show the occurrences of the term “fish” in different files and sources, with options to explore references in context. The Word Tree visualization allows users to analyze the relationships between terms. The video concludes by mentioning the ability to save criteria, explore different source types, and export visualizations.


  • 🧭 Introduction to Text Search Query in NVivo Release 1.
  • 📝 Search for specific terms, including stems, across files.
  • 🎚 Customization options for selecting items and excluding sources.
  • 📊 Results display occurrences of the term “fish” with references and frequency.
  • 🌲 Word Tree visualization for analyzing term relationships.
  • 💾 Save criteria for future queries and explore different source types.
  • 🖼 Export Word Tree visualizations in JPEG, Bitmap, or GIF format.
  • 📹 Next video will delve into further options in the text search query.
Key Moments
  • Introduction to Text Search Query00:05
    • Exploring Text Search in NVivo, finding words and phrases, using Boolean search.
    • Demonstrates searching for the word “fish” and its stems in selected items.
  • Running the Query02:10
    • Setting up query criteria, running the query, and interpreting results.
    • Examining references, ordering by frequency, and exploring context in interviews.
  • Tabs and Visualization03:49
    • Exploring tabs under References: Text, Dataset, and Word Tree visualization.
    • Understanding the Word Tree, switching root terms, and exporting visualizations.