Tutorial 12 -Importing from Excel into NVivo (Datasets) and Autocoding

1)   Importing surveys into NVivo 

Watch this video for a demonstration of these steps of how to import a survey in NVivo as a dataset:

2 ) Creating Cases and Classifications

Watch this video demonstrating the steps to autocode to create cases and classifications:

3) Autocode by Question

Watch this video for a demonstration of how to autocode to create codes for each open-ended survey question.

4) Understanding Cases and Classifications

This tutorial will show you how to import a mixed methods questionnaire from Excel (perhaps downloaded from a service such as Survey Monkey) to a properly constituted NVivo project database. It will show how three automated processes will complete the process and create a robust NVivo project ready for analysis.It assumes the concept of the case node is understood. This video shows the steps for correctly setting up interviews, focus groups and surveys from Excel. The Excel bit comes about 16 minutes in.