The developers of NVivo, QSR International have just announced that they will be releasing full MAC version of NVivo 10 in the last quarter of 2013. This is great news for trainers because having MAC-logoto run Windows Parallels or similar software on MAC operating systems was becoming increasingly inconvenient for those researchers who prefer to work exclusively in a MAC environment. The proliferation of the iPhone, iPad and MAC laptops has meant that inevitably, someone would arrive at a workshop with their MAC operated device only to be disappointed.  The MAC question comes up now at almost every NVivo workshop as more and more people no longer work in an exclusively Windows environment.

At QDATRAINING we offer on-line training, consultancy and support. We’re not waiting for next year to begin supporting MACs directly. Our support page already has a download in place for our clients so as and from today, we are now supporting MAC operating systems directly as well as through Windows.

If you are running NVivo on your MAC but through Windows, you still need to continue to download the Windows support file. As soon as NVivo 10 is released for the MAC, you will no longer be reliant on having Windows for Mac and can download the direct MAC support file from the support page

QSR will continue to add updates at this address

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  1. The NVivo developers QSR International have just released a new preview video of work to date on the NVivo for MAC release due in the last quarter of 2013:


    1. The MAC BETA release is here.  It is 'NVivo Light' but a good start. Take a look at this introductory video from QSR which shows the current functionality available in this BETA release. It may not suit advanced users but it will satisfy people who need to get started using NVivo running natively on a MAC:


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