NVivo Group Workshops – we will come to you!

We can deliver an NVivo training course at the right level in your location anywhere in Europe. The rate for the group workshop is €950 delivered in the UK or Ireland and the same rate applies in most of Europe. ALL TRAINING COMES WITH TELEPHONE, E-MAIL, AND REMOTE ACCESS LOG IN SUPPORT FOR ALL PARTICIAPNTS. Select the ‘Contact us‘ page or the ‘Enquiry Form’ on the main menu to arrange a local workshop in your location which will customised around your needs.

Course outlines for one or two day NVivo courses here:

Day 1 – Introduction to NVivo – building your qualitative database

Day 2 – NVivo underway – analysing your data

Day 3 – NVivo Live – working with live data

NVivo Group workshops delivered anywhere in Europe or the USA for €950 for each day

NVivo Group Workshops

We run NVivo group workshops at all levels in Europe, the USA and Africa

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