A One Day NVivo Training & Consultancy Group Workshop1

Day 3 – Working with live data

Following the success of the first course The workshop will be delivered again in University of Limerick on the 4th of May, 2012 by Ben Meehan of QDATRAINING

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for researchers who have completed initial NVivo training, have collected some live data and have started, or are about to start, working through their qualitative data analysis.

Workshop content and objectives

The workshop focuses on data optimisation, strategies for coding and analysis, formatting text and media files for auto-coding where relevant, retrieval, and reporting of data, interrogating and querying data and the production of appendices in support of the methodology and findings chapters as well as conducting literature reviews using NVivo. It offers researchers an opportunity to bring their live data to the workshop and work in a supported environment. Participants are encouraged to bring along all kinds of rich or unstructured qualitative data sets including, transcripts, audio files, video and image files, spread sheets and PDF files. By the end of the workshop participants will have had an opportunity to have their particular projects assessed and any concerns addressed. They will have a chance to share their experiences to date with fellow travellers and have input from colleagues and an expert in computer aided qualitative data analysis systems (CAQDAS).


Participants are invited to submit their NVivo project files in advance of the workshop for pre-evaluation should they wish to have a higher level of consultancy before, during and after the workshop although this is not a pre-requisite to attending.


Introduction – a synopsis by each participant of their project to date focusing on challenges encountered and highlighting any on-going concerns

Project review – identifying participant issues raised in the introduction and demonstrating how to overcome barriers to data optimisation, progressing analysis and the reporting of findings.



Working the data – an open session which allows participants to work on their particular data sets while continuing to share, review, and enjoy demonstrations of the database tools at their disposal using real data and examples from completed projects.


Participants will enjoy full post workshop support by telephone, e-mail and on-line one-to-one direct desktop support and consultancy for the life of their current project including. Participants will need their day1 and day 2 work books but copies will be provided where necessary. Once registered, participants who wish to pre-submit their project files should contact support@qdatraining.eu and they will receive simple instructions for uploading their files to our secure server.

To register, contact: Jean.Saunders@ul.ie


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