I'm importing Word files in NVivo 9 that are full of comments added in Word. Is it possible to importe the comments along with the file? for example as annotations?

Thanks for your help!


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  1. Hi Véronique,

    This has been a bug-bearer of mine for years! Unfortunately, the answer is no. Many people use Word before they discover NVivo because they are familiar with the software, So they use comments in Word for initial thematic coding. Then, they discover NVivo and try to import their Word files and use the annotations they have made in Word but it does not work 🙁


    1. Thanks Ben!

      At the opposite, is it possible to export NVivo annotations in Word, so that they are still linked to the text?

      I'm working in partnership with people in Africa who doesn't have NVivo. I could start working in NVivo with annotations but then would need to export it to word.

      Thank you

      1. Good news at last! Yes you can!

        When you are in a node or source, you can right click in the body of the document and choose export (CTRL+SHIFT+E) and you will be presented with a dialogue box. In the dialogue box, tick the annotations option along with any other options you require (see also links, relationships, linked , paragraph numbers) and select. Select okay and you will be asked for the location and name for your new Word file which will now contains the contents of your interview or node. Your annotations will now be included as 'end-notes'; a number will appear where each annotation was made and they will all be listed at the end of your document. 

        Hope this helps!

        Kind regards,

        1. Hi Ben, i was wondering if there is any chance that I can now import the word comments files into nvivo with my interview data. Thank you. Saro

          1. Really sorry Saro, still no joy I'm afraid 🙁

            Word comments are lost on importation to NVivo

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