This video tutorial demonstrates how to gather annotations into a single node for retrieval and reporting purposes. The compound query in NVivo allows users to search annotations and combine text searches with coding queries, making it a powerful tool. The video also explains how to set up the query properties and options to extract annotations and view them in different formats such as Word or HTML files.


  • 💡 Annotations can be spread across multiple files and nodes, but sometimes it is useful to gather them into a single file for easier access and analysis.
  • 💡 The compound query in NVivo is the only query that allows users to search annotations.
  • 💡 Users can combine text searches and coding queries in a compound query to apply filters and find specific annotations.
  • 💡 The compound query can create a new node to store the extracted annotations and display them with their surrounding paragraphs.
  • 💡 Extracted annotations can be exported as Word or HTML files, which can be shared with others who don’t have NVivo.
  • 💡 It is important to clear the stop word list in NVivo project properties for the compound query to work properly.