Hi all,

I had a YouTube user who calls himself 'Obama4Prezz' post the following comment  about our website on YouTube our promotional video:

"This is basically spam.

I need training on nvivo. There are many videos on YouTube which offer to do so pro bono yet you are uploading on youtube to sell services.

I'm flagging this vid.."

Followed a few minutes later with this one:
"This is spam since you are trying to sell your services. I'm flagging this vid.

I'm here to learn about nvivo, not about your site.

Surely, there must be other venues where you can advertise.

BTW, did you know there are many free tutorials already on YouTube?"

For those of you that know Youtube, the 'right of reply' is only 500 characters which is very limited so I have decided to post  a full reply here:

I'm sorry you consider the video spam! 'BTW' I am aware of the free tutorials  as 14 of them were posted by us!!. Spam is unsolicited direct marketing, usually by e-mail. In a more modern context it can be inappropriate or senseless comments posted to a social networking website. No fair analysis of our video would place us in either of these categories. Yes, we do promote our website in the video. So do millions of videos on YouTube including the NVivo developers QSR International who have posted two videos of their own. If every video that promotes a website was considered spam, half of the YouTube videos currently posted would fit this criterion.

Had you taken the time to actually look at our website before posting your ill considered comments, you would have seen many free resources there.  So, you want to learn NVivo? For example, you can get a FREE one hour on-line NVivo training session any where in the world and enjoy contact with other qualitative researchers through the site. You can also post unlimited NVivo training related questions and have an NVivo trainer answer your question within one working day.  All free! you only need to pay for services beyond this that you choose to pay for. If you look at the testimonials page, you will see many testimonials from academics and clients. I would be happy to provide contact information for these people should you wish to check their bona fide.

Hardly spam by any definition Mr. Obama4Prezz!

Kind regards,

Ben Meehan

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