This video gives you an overview of working with NCapture and NVivo to capture web content including social media:


This video provides a tutorial on using NVivo 4’s NCapture tool to capture various internet sources, including web pages, Twitter feeds, and YouTube videos, for integration into NVivo projects. The demonstration focuses on capturing content within Chrome, but it highlights that Internet Explorer users can also access the tool. The presenter explains the process of capturing web pages as PDFs, capturing Twitter feeds as datasets (including retweets), and capturing YouTube videos along with their comments. The tutorial emphasizes the importance of browsing to the specific content before capturing and touches on ethical considerations when dealing with social media content.


  • 🌐 NVivo 4 tutorial on using NCapture for internet source capture
  • 📰 Capture options include web pages, Twitter feeds, and YouTube videos
  • 📑 Different capture options for web pages: whole page or article as a PDF
  • 🐦 Twitter feed capture includes dataset options with or without retweets
  • 🎥 YouTube capture allows for video and comments capture
  • 💾 Captured content stored in a separate area for later import into NVivo
  • 🌐 Demonstrated capture within Chrome, but accessible on Internet Explorer
  • 🤔 Emphasis on browsing to specific content before capturing
  • 🤝 Ethical considerations stressed when capturing content from social media
Key Moments (beta)
  • Introduction to NVivo 4: NCapture00:00
    • Overview of capturing internet sources in NVivo projects.
  • Capturing Web Pages in Chrome01:20
    • Demonstration of capturing a Metro article using Chrome.
    • Options to capture entire web pages or just the article as a PDF.
  • Capturing Twitter Feed as a Dataset03:19
    • Demonstrating the capture of a university library Twitter feed.
    • Options to include retweets in the dataset and the authentication process.
  • Capturing YouTube Video and Comments05:03
    • Explanation of capturing YouTube video and associated comments.
    • Showcase of files stored in the download folder for later import into NVivo.
  • Importing Captures into NVivo06:53
    • Step-by-step guide on importing captured content into an NVivo project.
    • Overview of how different types of captures appear in NVivo, including web pages, tweet datasets, and YouTube video content.
  • Ethical Considerations in Social Media Capture07:29
    • Brief discussion on the importance of ethical considerations when capturing content from social media platforms.
    • Emphasis on obtaining permission for content and considering ethical implications.