A quick guide here on understanding and applying matrices in NVivo for Windows: See version 12 below:


The video introduces Matrix Coding Queries in NVivo, explaining their use in cross-tabulation for analyzing three data attributes. Demonstrating a practical example, it guides users through setting up criteria, running queries, and interpreting results. The flexibility of Matrix Coding Queries is showcased by exploring sentiments related to specific topics. The video emphasizes the importance of careful interpretation, highlighting the ability to switch measures from coding references to words coded. It also mentions the option to include additional items like source files and attribute values for more detailed data exploration.


  • 🧩 Matrix Coding Queries in NVivo facilitate cross-tabulation for three data attributes.
  • 🖥️ Users can set criteria, specifying scope and selecting items for rows and columns.
  • 📊 Results are displayed in a matrix, showing overlaps of coding references or words coded.
  • 📈 Cell shading helps visualize data, with blue to white shading used for positive and negative sentiments.
  • 🤔 Interpretation caution is advised, as coding references may vary in depth.
  • 🔄 Users can switch measures from coding references to words coded for a nuanced view.
  • 🕵️‍♂️ Double-clicking on matrix cells allows in-depth exploration of textual references.
  • 🔄 Matrix Coding Queries aren’t limited to code cross-tabulation; they can include various items like source files.
  • 📊 Numeric exploration of data, including participant-specific coding, is demonstrated.
  • 📈 The option to add attribute values enhances data exploration, considering file and case classifications.
  • 📊 Visualizations can be customized and exported for further analysis.
  • 🤔 While not ideal for visualizing interview richness, Matrix Coding Queries excel in survey data analysis.

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Key Moments (beta)
  • Introduction to Matrix Coding Queries00:05
    • Learn the basics of Matrix Coding Queries in Nvivo for cross-tabulation and quick data analysis.
    • Understand their quantitative expression in project findings and their utility in accessing qualitative information.
  • Setting up a Matrix Coding Query02:26
    • Follow step-by-step instructions on setting the query scope, adding row and column items, and running the query.
    • Explore the significance of cell shading and the switch from coding references to words coded.
  • Interpreting Matrix Coding Results03:52
    • Gain insights into interpreting matrix coding results, emphasizing the importance of careful interpretation.
    • Explore the ability to delve deeper into specific cells and textual references for a richer understanding.
  • Beyond Cross-Tabulation: Advanced Matrix Coding04:38
    • Discover the versatility of Matrix Coding Queries beyond cross-tabulating codes.
    • See how bringing in different items, such as source files and case classifications, enhances numerical exploration.
  • Visualizing Data with Matrix Coding05:49
    • Learn how to use the chart tab for visual representations of matrix coding results.
    • Understand the potential for quick overviews in survey data analysis and consider practical applications in research.

Matrices in NVivo 12