This tutorial video will provide information and practical steps for understanding and applying word frequency searches in NVivo for Windows the newer version of NVivo known as ‘NVivo 2020’ but sometimes referred to as version ‘R1’ and for the latest release know as NVivo 14.


This tutorial introduces the Word Frequency Query in NVivo Release 1, explaining how to run the query, customize search parameters, and visualize results using a Word Cloud. It also covers the addition of stop words to filter out specific terms, adjusting language settings, and using Dynamic Sets for more targeted analysis.


  • 📊 Word Frequency Query: Demonstrates the process of running a Word Frequency Query in NVivo from the Explore ribbon, exploring options to refine search parameters.
  • 🔄 Filtering Results: Shows how to narrow down results by selecting specific items, such as interview participants, and adjusting parameters like word length.
  • 🌐 Visualizing Results: Introduces the Word Cloud feature to visually represent word frequency, offering customization options for fonts, colours, and styles.
  • 🚫 Stop Words: Explains the importance of adding terms to the Stop Words list, affecting the entire project’s queries, and demonstrates how to edit the list.
  • 🌐 Language Settings: Guides users on adjusting text context language and importing stop words for different languages.
  • 🔍 Text Search Query: Illustrates how to explore specific words in more detail by running a text search query.
  • 🔄 Dynamic Sets: Utilizes Dynamic Sets to analyse word frequency based on selected criteria (e.g., Male and Female participants) and suggests saving criteria for future use.
Key Moments
  • Introduction to Word Frequency Query00:05
    • Learn how to run a Word Frequency Query in NVivo to analyse word usage in your project. Understand the default search settings and explore the initial results.
  • Refining Word Frequency Query00:32
    • Dive deeper into the query options by narrowing down the search to specific project elements, such as interview participants. Understand the impact on word frequency results.
  • Customizing Word Frequency Settings01:23
    • Explore advanced options like limiting the number of displayed words, adjusting minimum word length, and grouping words based on stems. Gain insights into optimizing settings for different languages.
  • Visualizing Word Frequency with Word Clouds02:55
    • Discover the visual representation of word frequency using Word Clouds. Learn to customize visualizations and export them for integration into your research project.
  • Managing Stop Words in NVivo03:55
    • Understand the importance of Stop Words and how to manage them in NVivo. Explore the impact on query results and learn to edit the Stop Words list for effective analysis.
  • Language-Specific Stop Words05:06
    • Explore how to customize Stop Words based on the language you’re working with. Learn to add or reset Stop Words, ensuring accurate and relevant analysis for your specific language.
  • Exploring Individual Words in Detail05:59
    • Learn how to delve into specific words in your analysis. Understand the process of running text search queries for individual terms, including stems.
  • Utilizing Dynamic Sets in Word Frequency Analysis06:47
    • Apply Dynamic Sets in Word Frequency Query to analyse word usage based on selected criteria. Discover how to compare results for different subsets, enhancing your research insights.

The second video below demonstrates the word frequency search for NVivo 12