Tutorial 6 – Transcribing within NVivo

Tutorial 6 – Transcribing within NVivo

This tutorial is a simple example of transcribing within NVivo. You get absolute synchronisation between the audio and textual files. So, for example, you can text search audio files and when you code a lot of content to a node, you can read/listen to get the best understanding possible from your data.


The tutorial discusses transcribing audio files within NVivo 9, highlighting the process and benefits of doing it within the software. It demonstrates the synchronization between text and audio, allowing for efficient coding and analysis.


  • 🎤 Transcribing in NVivo 9 offers benefits comparable to external devices like Olympus.
  • 🔄 The tutorial emphasizes that the transcribing process within NVivo is the same as external methods.
  • 🕒 Users can set transcription speed and manually adjust settings like volume.
  • 🔍 Synchronization between text and audio is achieved by pressing F8 to create logical breaks.
  • 📑 Users can insert columns for speakers, facilitating focused coding in group discussions.
  • ⚙️ Adjusting settings, like skipping back two seconds on pause, ensures accurate transcription.
  • 🧾 The synchronized data allows for effective coding, searching, and better content understanding within NVivo.
Key Moments (
Getting Started with Transcription00:02
    • Explore the benefits of transcribing within NVivo.
    • Learn about the seamless process of transcribing audio files.
    • Adjust speed, volume, and set time spans for efficient transcription.
  • Enhancing Transcription with Features03:31
    • Discover advanced features like inserting columns for speakers.
    • Auto-code on specific fields to customize your transcript.
    • Utilize options like skipping back seconds for accurate transcriptions.
  • Achieving Synchronization in Transcription04:22
    • Attain absolute synchronization between audio and text.
    • Understand the process of creating notes and coding segments.
    • Benefit from synchronized searching of audio files for better understanding.

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