Tutorial 10 – customizing your work space to code video

We had the following question posted on the forum concerning coding video and customising the NVivo workspace to facilitate ease of coding:

[quote]I have earlier used NVivo9 in coding my Word documents. Now I have been coding DV recordings. This seem to be very time-consuming. I wonder if I can use NVivo, as I cannot code “drag and drop” at all, and when I open the code selection I have to choose code selection at existing nodes, as there are limited number of previous nodes. The window seems to be fixed, so every time I have to extend the Name to see the entire description of the node. I don’t need the Nickname column, so I wonder if it is possible to modify the window “Select project items”, ie. column width… so I wouldn’t be ought to do the extension every time again???[/quote]

So we have posted a tutorial to deal with this site memeber’s question below:

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