Starter Pack

Introductory level one-to-one at your location with eight hours on-line training to follow

Convenient for people who like to learn incrementally, people who prefer shorter but more frequent training, or who feel they may need a lot of help with the computer regarding the more mechanical aspects. It’s also good for people who want to get advance level computer aided analysis but do not want to invest a considerable amount of time learning such skills. It effectively outsources the more technical aspects of the data management (not including coding as this requires detailed knowledge of the world under scrutiny) such as formatting data for database optimisation, querying and reporting  On line training and consultancy is run both inside and outside office hours including weekends. All that is required is a landline (or Skype) and a broadband connection. More info here –

There is an option to buy a support package for people who have done the introductory day (it assumes the database is set up and the researcher is working to a coding plan)or who are about to book an introductory day. The cost is €420 which may be drawn down in four two hour sessions or eight one hour sessions or any combination of one and two hour sessions. This would bring the total cost of a one day introductory level one-to-one workshop with eight hours follow up support to €790 in Dublin, €890 anywhere in Ireland or Northern Ireland, €990 in the UK and €1190 in Europe

Starter Pack!


Note* Broadband connection needed | all training conducted through english | price includes call to landlines or through skype |

You can use your PayPal account or select ‘continue’ to pay by any major credit or debit card.



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