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These materials are only available free to course participants.

If you are a course participant you can request access by sending your details including which course you were registered on to

If you are not; you can request a copy smileybut there is a small charge to cover production and update costssadThese materials come with full telephone, e-mail and remote access on-line support to help you work through the excercises.smiley

Day 1-Setting up your NVivo database = €15 or $21 or £13

Day 2 – Analysing your data with NVivo= €20 or $29.50 or £17.50

To order a copy, click the relevant button below to make the donation to the author and we will send you a download link to access your copy including the tutorial data to go with the workbook. You could of course use your live data instead of the tutorial.The workbook has links to video tutorials to support the exercises it contains.

You will need to register a profile to on the website to draw down the support. Click here to register your profile

Click the relevant button below to access the training materials you need at this point to work at home with support from us

Day 1-Setting up your NVivo database

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Day 2 – analysing your data with NVivo

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Buy both and save $5.00

Prices by currency

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