We had the pleasure of having two Portuguese academics attending our two day NVivo workshop this week. Dr. Isabel Macedo PhD (Warwick University – UK) who is the Director of Undergraduate Studies on Public Administration and whose research interests include; public and non-profit marketing/quality management in the public services and Dr. Cláudia Simões who is also a Warwick Phd and a marketing expert. Cláudia currently holds the position of Director of the Masters in Marketing and Strategic Management as both visitors were from the School of Economics and Management, University of Minho, Campus de Gualtar, Braga in northern Portugal. Both women have published extensively and brought more than their incredible talent and experience to the workshop. They also brought an amazing work ethic but it turns out us Irish have much in common with our Portuguese colleagues, not least our similar sense of humour. Despite working very hard during the NVivo training, they matched this hard work with their ability to create a great atmosphere in the room and were a real pleasure to train. They are a great asset to their university and are busy building research capacity as they expand their computer aided qualitative data analysis skills.

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