qdatraining.eu conducted it's first on-line training session in the US this week. With the excellent IT infrastrusture and very fast broadband connections that are avalable almost everywhere in America today, we enjoyed a perfect signal that allowed our trainer to work in real time with the researcher using NVivo. We might as well have been in the same room. On-line training means that the trainer and trainee share the same screen and both have control of the computer. It takes seconds to connect the two screens and as on-line training is available outside as well as inside normal business hours. Our US clients now have NVivo training available at their fingertips and at a time and place convenient to them. Click here to arrange your on-line training session info@qdatraining.eu or fill out our enquiry form and we will contact you within one business day. See some testimonials from US clients by clicking here


NVivo Workshops can be arranged in any US city at the click of a mouse


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