NVivo Integrated Transcription Service

We provide a high quality NVivo integrated and synchronised transcription service 

A synchronised transcript means the audio file and transcript are in harmony. You can select and passage of text and read/code/annotate or link that text segment OR listen to the soundbyte and code/annotate or link the audio. You can text search your audio files and read/code or listen to the passages you want to to hear. NVivo Synchronised transcripts work equally well with Video. We can provide synchronised transcripts for NVivo for Windows or MAC

Key Points:

  • You can upload your audios to our secure server via an end-to-end encrypted link we will send you
  • You will receive your NVivo data file and transcripts back via the same secure link
  • You can receive regular MS Word transcripts as well if you so wish
  • All our transcribers are experienced researchers themselves and understand the importance high quality transcripts
  • You don’t need to pay until the work has been completed
  • We can provide invoices to funders on foot of a purchase order so you don’t have to pre-pay and claim back from your research fund
  • Our rates are transparent so you know exactly what you will pay in advance: We charge €2-30 per minute or part thereof for NVivo synchronised transcripts and €2-00 per minute or part thereof for regular MS Word transcripts
  • We will set up your NVivo project for you and give it you with your data imported, your demographics or profiling information fully integrated with your cases all ready for you to begin coding, retrieval, analysis and write up of your findings.
  • We can provide non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements for your ethics committee as may be necessary
  • We will listen to your audio for quality and advise you in advance of turnaround times and we will deliver to schedule

Start today!

If you wish start the process and receive your secure link to upload your audio files, simply fill in the form below and we will respond within one working day: