Hi all, QSR International has announced that NVivo 9 is on its way and due for release in October 2010. You can read the press release here. I have not seen a preview yet but I believe the new release will have the ability to facilitate concurrent team access to a single project file. This is great news as, for example, our current African project with the Centre for Global Health is in three countries with remote teams assistng from the US and Ireland. You can imagine the complexities between local and global back ups and the amount of merging required which, in turn, raises the scope for errors such as duplication of sources. Having a single file on a secure but shared server which can be viewed and written to from any of our five participant countries will be a huge benefit and will bring serious new efficiencies to this type of project.

In addition, we are promised new and more visual reporting and enquiry tools to add to the existing array already present in NVivo 8. I will keep you informed of progress as QSR will release more updates ahead of the release.

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