How to generate an extract like I have in mind

Hi everyone,

I am relatively new in working with NVIVO. I have experience in building a coding scheme and in coding my data. But I have serious problems in creating a clear 'output' of my codings.

I have around 20 sources that are videos. I coded already some of them according to a predefined coding scheme and I am now trying to create an overview of my coding in excel. I think I need to do so by means of the 'New extract' function.

The output I am looking for is as follows:

  • I want my rows to be defined by my sources. Every row should represent a single source (if I have 23 video-sources, than I want to see 23 different rows, each representing another source)
  • I want my columns to be defined by the nodes of my coding scheme. Every column should represent a single node of the coding scheme.
  • Each cell of the table defined by the sources (rows) and the nodes of my coding scheme (columns) should contain the coverage in percentage for the specific node in the specific source.

This seems to me a rather simple output for analyzing the codings, but I've been searching for hours and hours but still without success… Very frustrating.

Any help would be very appreciated!

Best, Hendrik