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    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with a few tips regarding using
    NVivo 8. I've imported a transcript and have done my open coding (using free
    nodes). I am now trying to organise them doing my axial coding (I'm copying
    and pasting them into tree nodes). There are two things I'm not sure about:
    1) How do I see clearly the different codes I have given to a segment of
    text? I know I can hover over the coding density stripe but someone told me
    there's a button which shows it more clearly which would be great! 2) I seem
    to be having a lot of overlap between my tree nodes and child nodes. I think
    it's because I used free node headings that were too broad and coded them
    under a broad heading and a narrower one (e.g. same segment coded under
    broader term "Access" and narrower "Out-patient appointment"). In all
    thecopying and pasting I'm getting lost as to what I've transferred to which
    node now! I'm not sure I'm going about this the right way!!
    Sorry for the complicated request! 


    Hi Sarah,
    Probably best if I log in and take a look at what you have done to date? You can take me through what you have described and I can show you anything you need to learn as opposed to posting a big long reply? Evenings are best for me as I am generally hard to get during the day. I am in a workshop all day Monday but will be on-line from about 4-30 on Tuesday for the whole evening? Would that suit?
    Kind regards,
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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