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    Dear forum,


    I have coded a set of interviews and structured my nodes into multiple tree nodes. Now I feel that some of the nodes organized into tree nodes are not only relevant for the tree nodes they are already in but could be subsumed under other tree nodes too.


    Example: Let's say the parent node of a tree node specifies a broad practice within an organisation and the child nodes of the tree nodes are more detailed "child" activities, specifying the practice. If the more detailed "child" activity is for example "writing emails," it is quite realistic that this node is relevant to a lot of other general practices within this organisation (and thus to other tree nodes within my coding structure).


    I was wondering if it is okay to use the same nodes in different tree nodes and thus create some sort of redundancy within my tree node structure or if there are other ways within Nvivo to tackle this problem?


    Many thanks for your help,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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