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    Angela Smith

    Hi, what is the best way to import TripAdvisor entries into NVIVO?  I was thinking of cutting and pasting individual reviews into rows in Excel so that they are individual cases with a column for the name, a column for the date and a column for the review.  Can you advise whether this is the best approach?<br>

    It depends on the scope of analysis. You could use NCapture to capture whole pages of reviews at a time and these are searchable and codeable so this method would be faster. However, in terms of analysis, Excel is the best option because you are setting up information like the date or country as proper metadata which will allow you do significantly more in terms of filtering and querying the data during analysis and write-up. Matrices could be useful in this context for example but these require proper classifications for posts linked to cases which is entirely automatable from Excel but not when in textual format in a PDF. 

    I hope this is helpful 🙂
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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