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    Both of my questions relate to options for Models, and for Tree Maps.

    I have a model, which I have produced by adding nodes and their associated hierarchies, which is a nice feature. However, whilst I want to see association lines indicating Parent-Child relationship, I do not want it to print ‘Parent’ on each of these lines as it makes it very messy when there are a lot of nodes and the relationship seems obvious anyway. Wonder if someone can tell me how to change this?

    Secondarily, I have a Tree map of coding density within nodes, which could be very useful, but for the least coded nodes, there is not enough room to see the title of the node. Surely, the map should scale by the size of the smallest box and title that needs to be shown? It would seem sensible for it to do that by default, but is there any way I can change it?

    Thanks in advance for your help.




    Hi Rob,

    The good news is the answer to your first question is very straightforward. All you need do is click on the line properties (double click on the line) and a dialogue box will appear which allows you to edit the label. You can change or remove the name.

    Your second question is more difficult because you are perfectly right, you cannot edit the label in the tree map to scale and the name gets partially obliterated. Big problem if you are using it as a visual display. There are however other ways to display the same information much more effectively. The tree map you cited uses sources coded to create a graphical representation of the weightings. You could of course simply export the list to Excel where the graphical tools are much less prescriptive and more flexible generally. This will give you the same or similar visualisation capabilities but without the hassle of partially visible node names. Or, you could export the tree map as an image and use text boxes to edit image as in the example below:






    I prefer the Excel option myself. I am afraid NVivo has, in my opinion, some way to go yet with its visual representation tools. If you need clarity on any of this, feel free to come back to me.

    Kind regards,



    Thanks for this – very helpful indeed. I will do exactly as you suggest.

    Kind regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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