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    I have earlier used NVivo9 in coding my Word documents. Now I have been coding DV recordings. This seem to be very time-consuming. I wonder if I can use NVivo, as I cannot code "drag and drop" at all, and when I open the code selection I have to choose code selection at existing nodes, as there are limited number of previous nodes. The window seems to be fixed, so every time I have to extend the Name to see the entire description of the node. I don't need the Nickname column, so I wonder if it is possible to modify the window "Select project items", ie. column width… so I wouldn't be ought to do the extension every time again???


    I do appreciate any advice…



    To quote someone famous – “yes you can”!

    It is possible to customise your workspace to see the screen exactly how you want to see it and it is possible to code video using simple drag and drop.

    There is a tutorial already posted on coding media files and you can view it here:


    Although this tutorial deals with audio, the concepts are exactly the same as video.

    However, that tutorial does not deal with customising your workspace so I have posted another to deal specifically with that question and your posting and this time I’ve used video as the example as most people are visual learners when it comes to software so hopefully, this will address your question:

    Hope this helps but come back for clarity and we’ll respond by return!

    Kind regards,


    Hi Ben,


    many thanks for your prompt reply and the guidance with the tutorials. They really will help me! Drag and drop coding a transcipt segment helps me a lot, though I have transcribed one person's utterance to one segment, where there might be meaning units for several different nodes, but these longer utterances are not very many 🙂 TG…


    I will try modifying the workspace as you advised in the other tutorial, I do appreciated that!


    Best regards,






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