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    Hello, I have recently begun working with Ben to set up my research project. Since our last meeting, I have obtained some of my data from the Twitter academic research product. I would like to schedule a work session to receive help with importing and analyzing this data. I would also like some advice on how to proceed from here to add the next batch(es) of data. I can work best here in the eastern US in your afternoon hours on Thursday, November 11, if that works for you. Thank you.


    No problem organising an online support call.  To that end, I’ve provisionally booked you for a support call with Ben Meehan on Thursday coming, the 11th, at 5:00 PM (GMT) pending confirmation that this day/time fits in with your plans. We can reschedule as may be necessary. Let me know if this is okay or if we need to change?

    Don’t forget to download and run the TeamViewer app just before the session so we can login and share your screen:
    If you have already downloaded the app, you don’t need to do so again. Just run the file. It’s called “TeamViewerQS.exe”. It will most likely be in your downloads folder. Full instructions here:

    Normally, if you wish to arrange a support call, you can do so here:  we need the online scheduling system to track and plan resources. Support calls are typically arranged within four working days. We run support calls during normal working hours, but also in the evenings up to 10:00 pm and on Saturdays, up to 6:00 pm. Note* you must be logged into your account on the website to be able to make a support call request.

    Speak soon!

    Dr. Toni Owens, Ph.D

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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