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    A YouTube user (schmocool) posted this question today having watched our tutorial on coding media files:
    "thanks for this. how do you deselect the just-coded audio portion to continue playing where it stopped and select a new portion for coding?"
    Youtube has this silly restriction on responses which limits responses to 500 characters (nt they are trying to create more social networking on the site?) So I had to respond here:

    My response:

    You don’t mention whether you have a transcript associated with the media file or if you are coding pure media. So I’ll give you both scenarios:
    Transcript linked to media first:
    After you have coded a segment, click into the text in the content row that you want to code next. Right click and select play media or choose the same option in the toolbar (if you are using a MAC) and select play media. The media will start to play from that point and you can continue to code as you have been
    Pure media:
    You will see a blue box in the time-line which represents the segment you have just coded. Click anywhere on the blue line and it will disappear. The media file will then play on from where you left it and you can continue to code.
    Hope this helps!
    Ben Meehan
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