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    Hi Ben,

    I simply don't see the 'reply buttons' on the screen…

    Well, column percentage does not give me the right information neither; it compares over all the cells of a specific column – and is only an option if I coded the transcribed segments and not on the corresponding timeline.

    The best way for me to handle this seems to be as follows: to code on the timeline and calculate the coverage percentages by hand, based on the 'duration'.

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions,



    Hi Heindrik,

    No you haven't gone mad – the reply button was missing 🙁 We made some changes to the website last week and in all of the editing some user permissions got messed up. We only allow replies form logged in members to prevent spammers and the allow reply button was left unchecked rsulting in your not being granted access to the reply option. So thank you for bringing that to our atttention.

    I see now that it's the percentage of the total source file you want. Would this report give you what you need? The first source is Peter which is an audio file and the 'coverage field' is the duration. Peter was coded from the timeline as you have already pointed out. This is a standard node summary report but thay are customisable as well. Does this give you what you need? 

    Kind regards,


    Not sure what's happening there! I'll e-mail you the link direct.

    Kind regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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