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    Hi there, hope all is well…

    Pounding away..getting some clarity and some nice graphs…really helpful……have a question on a query…

    Can you run one for me (or log in, either is fine) on the data you downloaded…I have changed some things about but I don’t think this will affect it.

    Query: Competition by Company by Pseudo Growth (Matrix simiarl to competition by company by growth contraints)

    Similar to the one with growth contraints but instead use the following attributues (described as Pseudo Growth):

    Are you making a profit
    Does the Business Export
    Has the business grown since start-up

    In terms of results…all companies export and have grown since start-up…BUT I’m only getting one column in items in it for “B : 26-Are you making a profit = Not Applicable”……Three companies are making a profit, two are not and one indicated NA…
    Not sure if I’m worring about anything real or not!




    Easily fixed on alog-in! I’ll call you and sort this out!

    Warm regards,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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