How do I import video into NVivo

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    We got the following request for help on the ‘shoutbox’ today: 

    I am trying to do a transcript for an Arizone State Legislation Session and trying to import the video into NVIVO so i can play it on my machine. Is there a way to do this?

    Fortunately, the visitor registered with the site so we could reply personally and her eis what we said:

    Hi Michael,
    Yes, you can import a video and code it in NVivo. First look at this tutorial (you will need to log into to the site to be able to access it):
    This clip refers to sources and in the example, we are using Word files. But a video is just another source in NVivo so the process is exactly the same as demonstrated here.
    Next look at this:
    This one will show you how to code the video (we are using audio in the example but, again, the process is exactly the same with video) so you can get to work once you have the video imported.
    Hope this helps but come back if you need further support in importing and coding video.
    Kind regards, 
    The Support Team!

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