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    Dear Nvivo,

    I wish to export my work to word. I know how to do that, but everytime I do even if I select the anotations button the work comes out blank. All I can see is orginal document no annotations. If I turn on highlight and select all after exporting a document it is highlighted, but again no indications as to which nodes are being used where it will only show me that I have coded the document.




    First of all, you may be confusing us with the developers of NVivo which is QSR International (www.qsrinternational.com) whereas we are an independent training and consultancy organization for researchers doing qualitative data analysis using NVivo. However, I am happy to offer any help I can. The first thing we need to do is establish if this problem is a training or technical issue. I know you say you know how to export to Word but there are several ways this can be done so can you provide the details of exactly what steps you took to export to Word please? Also, can you advise me as to which version of NVivo and which version of Word you are running? If it turns out to be a 'user' issue, we can advise you how to get the information you want and in the format you you want it in.

    If it turns out to be a technical issue rather than a training one, then we can direct you to the correct technical resource to address the matter. We will know from the details you provide, which type of issue we are dealing with so we can get you back to work as quickly as possible.   

    Hope this helps!


    Dear Ben,

    Not an issue I did not include version as it was requested when I signed in so I thought that you would have it.

    Currently Using  QRS NVivo 9 with word 2007.

    What I wanted to do was Code a document. Putting all the of the phrases into the correct nodes. Then I wanted to export the document and have my coded sections show up in word. Under word review I can then merge the documents with colleges documents to see if our coding is matching up. 

    I was right clicking on the document and then clicking the export opotion following which I would select the anotation option. I thought that would do it, but now I see that that option is for the transcript summarys that we needed to do at the end of each document. 



    Hi Jeremiah,

    Okay! Sorry – I should have checked your profile. I understand the problem now! You do not need to export but to print. Go to file->print preview and tick the "include coding stripes option" and the file will print and include the coding stripes. If you have a PDF printer set up (they are free on the web) you can print to a PDF document so you have the document electronically. If you are printing to a printer, you may wish to set the print to "two up" in landscape so the stripes appear on the same page. 

    This is easier to do in version 10 as it automatically prints the stripes to the same page. More information here:


    Hope this was of some help!

    Kind regards,


    Alright it works now thanks!

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