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    I have an Nvivo project that involves looking at templates which have been transcribed and coded in Nvivo 10. Each of the 375 templates (each an internal source – transcribed as a text file then uploadded and coded) corresponds to an individual person (I also have a classification sheet in the project so the age of each person etc corresponds to their source text file). I am analysing different aspects of the coding scheme by person. I have crosstabulated each of the people (each person is a row) and have word counts for each thing coded in the coding scheme. In order to calculate percentages I need to know how many words are in each of the 375 individual sources – is there a way that Nvivo can do this for me?

    Thanks in advance



    Hi Louise,

    All you need do is change the values on the matrix to % instead of references. To do this:

    1. Open the matrix
    2. In the 'view' Tab in the ribbon/toolbar click on the 'Node Matrix' option. In the menu that slides down, change the cell content from the default 'Coded References' to 'Column Percent' or 'Row Percent' as may be required.

    If you wish to create a table showing how many words are in a source file, put the sources into both the row and column of a matrix and switch the cell content to display 'Words' as set out in the steps above. Each cell will ow display the word vount for each document. You can also export matrices to Excel if you need to do further calculations. 

    I hope this is helpful but do let me know if you need clarity on any of this 🙂

    Kind regards,





Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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