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    I began to work on a project using nvivo 9.  When I installed nvivo 10, it prompted me to convert my files.  Converted files do not have recently coded material.  They seem to remain frozen in a previosly saved stage.  any suggestions?


    What NVivo does is create a new file for version 10 and automatically import the data from the version 9 file. It uses the same name as the v9 file but inserts (NVivo 10) in brackets into the name. So you end up with two files. Would it be possible that you are still looking at the old file? You should only receive the upgrade message once and you need to make sure that when you browse your computer to tell NVivo which v9 file to upgrade, that you are picking up the most recent file. Let me know if this was the problem as we may be able to offer more help if you can't resolve this on your own. 

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    I have a similar problem. I converted a file from NVIVO 9 to 10 and the node data seems to be missing. Whenever I try to access it, NVIVO freezes. It is certainly the converter file, the name up the top has (NVivo 10) to the right of the initial name. All sources are still in tact. Can you help?


    Are you using Windows 8.1? We have discovered a problem with upgrades from Windows 8.0 to 8.1. NVivo opens without error and allows you to navigate around the programme but any attempt to open a node results in the node displaying as empty and then the software freezes. The good news is your data is safe as we have already checked this by opening the same project on other computers not running W8.1. The bad news is that the developers of NVivo, QSR, are looking into this problem but have not come back to us with  a solution as of today. I'll keep you posted on developments as this bug will be sorted out quite quickly because it is so serious for users who effectively, can't use the software until this issue is addressed. 



    This error comes if you disconnect from a network and there is no default printer installed. Even if you have a default printer when connected to the network, you may find that there is none when you disconnect. The solution then is to disconnect from  your network, go to the printer control panel and set a default printer. On most Windows 7 & 8 computers, you should be able to select 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer' as a default printer even if you don't have any physical printers available. NVivo will now open nodes correctly.

    Hope this helps as we got caught on this one ourselves. 

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