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    I am working on a project with 4 competent judges. One of their tasks is to mark fragments of a transcript as nodes. The content, which is marked by the judges, will proceed to further coding / analysis. Because of that, I want to merge the coding of my 4 judges in such a way, that only fragments marked by at least 2 judges proceed to further analysis and the rest is cut out. I tried several kind of queries but without success. Can anyone help me what to do?



    PS. I use NVivo 10


    It's relatively straightforward. I'm assuming you are at least an intermediate user so if any of these steps do not make sense let me know. I'm also assuming your four judges have logged in to NVivo correctly when they coded:

    Create a matrix (might be better to do this with one node  initially until you get used to it but you can use as many nodes as you like) and add it to project to save the results

    In the row, insert your thematic nodes as coded by the judges

    In the column, insert your users (4 judges)

    Run the matrix and you will see your nodes in the first column and each judge will be separated into rows. You will see at a glance which nodes were coded by more than one judge.

    Now, convert the matrix to nodes by going to the results folder and copying the matrix, Create a folder under nodes and let's call it "Thematic nodes split by Judges) Paste the matrix into this folder and do not select the option 'Include empty node matrix cells'

    You now have your nodes with more than one judge coded. If you aggregate the parent it will contain the full text coded by any judge while the child nodes will contain each judges individual codes. You can keep these or throw them away. If you are getting rid of the separate codes by judge, make sure to merge them into the parent first as aggregated codes will be removed from the parent if deleted. Merging them will not duplicate any content coded by both judges because you can't duplicate content in a node. 

    Let me know if this is not making sense 🙂

    Kind regards,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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