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    I am Leticia, a Ph.D. student at LSTM. I attended an Nvivo training in 2022. I need clarification on a few questions about case classification. I watched your webinar on case classification, but the example given is different from my scenario.


    1. I have different participants for phase 1 of my study (co-designing an intervention through workshops) and I created cases for those participants. The demographic Excel sheet had different variables according to their characteristics.
    2. The co-designed intervention was implemented as part of Phase 2 of my study a
    3. Then, in phase 3, I interviewed health workers who implemented the intervention and women who were the service users (recipients of the intervention). The healthcare  workers and the women had different characteristics,  and I had  two separate Excel demographic sheets

    Now, in my project under files, I will have the following:

    Workshop (already uploaded,)

    Interviews with a subfolder of workers and another folder for women users(Planning to upload )

    NB:  Please note that I am planning to upload the interviews now  because I have recently finished the transcription. (While the workshop data I even completed the case classification and analysis)

    My questions

    1. Can I upload different Excel sheets in this case for the healthcare workers’ demographic information and for women to do the case classification? Again won’t this affect the initial classification I did for the workshop? I am asking because I am considering this as one project.

    The webinar gave an example of having one demographic information sheet for different files, i.e., FDG and Interviews, which assumed that the variables were the same for both. However, in my case, they are different. How best can I sort this out? Is there a way to classify each file?

    I am looking forward to your input or through a call.



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