Amending Existing Internal Doc and Associated Cases Due to Data Error

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    Sorry not to have placed this question here sooner.

    I just ran into a snag when cross checking my data and realized that my main project internal document needs to be amended in relation to the ID numbering. This document is missing two lines of data and therefore two additional ID's need to be added in the analysis and in the cases and attributes (e.g. instead of 220 ID's there should be 222). This document has already been extensively coded to tree nodes, however I want to ensure that all the ID's cases and attributes line up correctly since they are out of order by two and also want to ensure that the data is connected. I already have downloaded all of the attributes, which were in plain text format.

    How can I correct this issue without starting over?
    Lastly, on a different set of data that includes 3 organizations,  when I run a matrix query with all three organizations the data contained in the columns are exactly the same. When I look at the individual cases it appears as though the coding went to the whole document and not to the appropriate cases. What did I do wrong?




    Hi Doug,

    In both cases, these are formatting issues. In the first instance, there is no threat to your coding. All you need do is paste the two missing lines into your document, format and auto-code to update your case nodes of the two new arrivals.

    In the second case, you appear to have formatted incorrectly. This has created a fundamental flaw in the database architecture which must be addressed before proceeding. You will need to delete the current case nodes that are incorrectly coded, format the original files correctly and re-create your cases. All of this work can be automated if you understand the core concepts for auto-coding. If you do not understand auto-coding (it’s the same technology that MS Word uses to create tables of contents) then you need to address this skills deficit by getting training or have someone set it up for you and then go in and see how they did it. Formatting is too complex to explain in a posting but actually not that difficult to understand when you see it done.  There are a couple of tutorials on the website ( or which might help illuminate the world of formatting. We run an NVivo set-up service which is very reasonable (€65 Euroor £54 GBP or $94 US) which may help or indeed on-line training where we log in direct onto your computer and work one-to-one with you on our live data. It’s a very efficient way to learn as it is incremental, it’s live data which is always so more meaningful and it’s interactive one-to-one with a QSR registered trainer. I hope this puts you on the right path Doug! 🙂

    Kind regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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