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    Hi, I am a new user to NVivo. My project involved runing focus groups. When I code themes I would like them to link to the person and focus group. I have named people in my focus group transcripts (word documents) as follows, A1, A2 etc. How can I add people to the person classification from within the same document (there are approx 4 – 5 participants per group)? I seem to only be able to add a person if they have a document all to themselves? Is this the case? Tearing my hair out here so any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Hi Lindsey,

    Nvivo can track people back to their sources and focus groups as you have described. However, as you have multiple people in a source document, you have to use the auto-code facility to create the ‘case nodes’ that hold each participants contribution which is, in turn, linked to their demographic or background profile. You will need to watch the following tutorials:

    The concepts of auto coding and case nodes can be tricky if you have not had any training. However, if you get the concepts, the mechanics of setting up your cases is not at all difficult and always automatable.

    I suggest that if you can’t figure it out from the tutorials, you should make contact with us. We can post specific instructions on the forum (free) or arrange a brief on-line training session direct to your desk top which is one to one and involves an Nvivo expert working with you direct using your live data. It costs €65 per hour and you can book here:

    You could also avail of our Nvivo database setup service which costs €65 and we will do it for you. Details here:

    By the way, there are specific tools in Nvivo for conducting a framework analysis which you might want to check out? More info here:


    Hope this helps!

    Kind regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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