Reply To: Cleaning code


Hi Louise,

If you navigate in ‘Detail View’ (the blue panel on the left) to: ‘Sets/Dynamic Sets/All Codes/’ you will have a view that shows all codes and with hierarchical names and which folder each code is in. If you sort on the name, codes of the same name will list together as shown in the screenshot below:

If the number of references differ between codes, you could always merge the one with the lower number into the one with the higher one (copy and merge). Comments coded to both will not duplicate, but it will save you seeking out comments in one and not the other.

Finally, Louise, you are on post training support, so if you prefer to arrange a support call to go through these steps interactively, you can arrange a call at this link:  Support calls are typically arranged within four working days. We run support calls during normal working hours, but also in the evenings up to 10:00 pm and on Saturdays, up to 6:00 pm. Note* you must be logged into your account on the website to be able to make a support call request.

I hope this is helpful but do let me know if you need clarity on any of this.

Kind Regards,