Formatting in Word for Auto-coding in NVivo

This tutorial is designed as part 1 of 2 tutorials:

    1. How to format a Word document which reflects your topic guide which should have been derived from your research question.
    2. How to autocode the formatted document in NVivo


In this YouTube tutorial titled “Formatting in Word for Auto coding in NVivo – Part 1,” the speaker discusses the process of formatting a document in Microsoft Word to prepare for auto coding in NVivo. The tutorial focuses on applying heading styles to topics and subtopics derived from a research question. The goal is to pre-order the data for coding in NVivo, emphasizing the distinction between autocoding and the manual preparation of data. The tutorial highlights the use of heading styles for major topics and subtopics, as well as a distinct style for researcher’s words using the “quote” style. The speaker demonstrates how to visually differentiate between researcher’s words and participant responses by applying specific styles, such as making topics red and researcher’s words blue.


  • 📑 Tutorial on formatting a Word document for auto coding in NVivo.
  • 📊 Emphasis on pre-ordering data for coding, distinguishing from autocoding.
  • 📌 Application of heading styles to major topics and subtopics.
  • 🎙️ Use of “quote” style to visually differentiate researcher’s words.
  • 🎨 Customization of styles for visual distinction, e.g., making topics red and researcher’s words blue.


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